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Fallen Falcons


Justin (JD) Lysack #8

Justin (J D) Lysack  #8  July 9, 1991 - May 31, 2012

Falcons Lacrosse has lost one of its own. 


On May 31st JD collapsed on the player’s bench 8 minutes into a game against the Sidewinders.  Regrettably, despite efforts of medical personnel, they were not able to revive him. Falcons Lacrosse extends its deepest sympathy to the Lysack family. A large hole has been created in our hearts and on our team


A special bond exists with athletes who’ve played lacrosse. Those who’ve played lacrosse and know its history seem to understand why it is such a special sport. JD had that special bond with his team mates and opponents alike. He was your worst enemy on the court but after the game he was your best friend. 


Lacrosse players can look at one another and know they’ve felt that same special feeling, that excitement, that adrenaline rush knowing that amazing things can happen each time you step on the court whether it is a spectacular pass, a big shot or a momentum changing hit. This is what it was like when JD stepped on the court. You didn’t know if he was going to create the big hit, feather a pass or place a pin point shot in the top corner. 


Lacrosse is a sport that demands toughness and commitment, two traits that JD excelled at. He was a Falcon through and through.   

JD was well respected and looked up to. This was very evident when he was selected team captain by his peers. He would do anything for his team mates and he protected them like a big brother does. 


JD we will sadly miss your humor, your leadership, your skill but most of all we will miss you.


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