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Important information for Falcon Alumni

Did you know that there is a new club in the Stonewall area?  This is giving you a unique opportunity for this season only.  As Falcon Alumni you are able to choose to remain a Falcon if you wish.  Please register with the Storm but you are able to request a transfer to the Falcons for the season.  Which ever club you choose this season will be your home club going forward.  We hope you choose to come back to the Falcons but we fully support the Interlate Storm and wish them all the success we know from experience it is hard to be a small club!

If you have any questions or are requesting a transfer please email us at



Volunteers make Youth Sports Happen

Falcons is happy to announce that last season we have the most teams wearing a Falcons Jersey for a very long time.  We have fielded a U7 & U9 house league out of the Access Centre, 2 U11 teams, 2 U13 teams, and a U15 team!  Way to go!  We couldn't have done it without all of you.

For the past few years I have been at the helm of Falcons lacrosse but it is time for me to pass the torch.  As our club grows so is the amount of work so I am asking for a few volunteers to step forward and help guide Falcons going forward. I am willing to stay on in what ever capacity is required for the season to help with the transition.  

Job openings include but are not limited to

  • Website - Maintaining and updating

  • Social Media - Facebook and Instagram - can be expanded

  • Emails - Monitoring of the email account

  • Equipment Manager - goalie gear, jerseys, learn to play sticks, balls (can't not freeze)

  • Equipment storage - Currently stored in a 10 X 10 shed only balls need to be kept indoors

  • President - Be better at delegating than Kim!

  • Box Sector Rep - Jason Isford has stepped up to take on this position

  • Field Sector Rep - Attend meetings for the Winnipeg Commission Field Sector

  • Registrar - Maintains RAMP registration for the zone

  • Treasurer - Tim Isford current and retaining position

  • Vice President - Glen Henkewich Current and retaining position

  • Coaching - Doug Krochak - Current and retaining position

  • U7/U9 Conviener - Works with the U7/U9 Conviener on the Winnipeg Box Lacrosse Commission 

Let me know if you have any questions or would like more information on any position.

I can't wait to watch all the teams reach their full potential this season.

Hope to see you all there.


See Season Player fees for full info

New to the sport?  Why not come out and try it first?  March 16 & 23 -9:30am-10:30am at the Access Recreation Center in West St Paul (48 Holland Rd). 
$5.00 per player. 
Sticks and balls provided.

Please bring 

  • Indoor Shoes

  • a waterbottle

  • a helmet with a cage

  • hockey or lacrosse gloves. 

Registration Required

Call For Coaches!

It is that time again that we need your help.  

Free Coaching clinics for all Volunteer Coaches!  Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to join a team on the bench!

Sport Tactics

Stay informed!

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